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Blue Planet

Blue Planet is Peaceworks’ non-profit, natural foods, pre-order buying service. It provides access to a wide range of natural and organic foods, including bulk staples and prepared foods, as well as frozen and refrigerated items. BP also offers access to a very wide range of herbs, supplements and health and beauty products.

Buyers pay only pennies on the dollar above wholesale.

Anyone can order. There is no membership fee or obligation to buy with Blue Planet on an ongoing basis. Volunteering is an option, but is not required.

Special Offer: For anyone who is new to Blue Planet or has been away from ordering for an extended period, we are giving an added inducement to order with us. If you’ve not ordered in the last year, or if you’ve never ordered, you can place one order with zero markup over invoice. Please note that this is a one-time offer.

Our Sources: We order every two weeks from United Natural Foods (UNFI) Iowa City Warehouse. We also place once monthly orders with Frontier Natural Products Co-operative and with UNFI Wellness.

Frontier & UNFI Wellness (formerly Select Nutrition) Orders: Frontier offers a wide variety of herbs, teas, coffees, herbal extracts, body products and kitchen wares. UNFI Wellness offers a very comprehensive mix of supplements. The order-by deadlines for both of these are the 15th of each month. We will call you when the order arrives. Catalogs for both are available for use at the Peace Nook 

You can also click here to access the full 2020-21 Frontier Catalog. There's also a Frontier Monthly catalog. You can click here for February .

You can click here to access the April 2021 UNFI Wellness specials catalog

And here, you can see the full catalogue for UNFI Wellness as of March

UNFI Orders: These arrive every two weeks, on alternate Thursdays. They are due to be placed by the end of the day on the prior Saturday. Orders are to be pre-paid, although this requirement can be waived for established members whose accounts are in good order. Orders with prepayment are generally placed by dropping the order off at or mailing it to the Peace Nook. Established members, however, can place their orders by e-mail. Our address is blue.planet.food@gmail.com,

UNFI 2021 Order Schedule: Place your orders by one of the following Mondays:
1/11   1/25   2/8    2/22  3/8  3/22  4/12  4/26    5/10   5/24  6/7   6/21 

These orders will then arrive on the next Thursday:
1/14  1/28  2/11  2/25  3/11  3/25   4/15  4/29   5/13  5/27  6/10  6/24
UNFI Catalogs: There is a full UNFI Catalog with all products listed, a Monthly Specials Catalog, listing sale items, and a Hot Sheets set of specials. The latter two come out each month. These are no longer available in print. Rather, they are posted as PDFs or Excel files here on this webpage. 

We update the Specials and Hot Sheets monthly. At your request, we can add you to the list to receive a PDF or XLS of the catalog each month by e-mail. Or you can download a PDF or XLS from this website. 

Important note: It is essential that you get a brief orientation to this catalog before using it. Not all products in these catalogs are available from our warehouse and the prices in this catalog are actually more expensive than what we pay UNFI. Please visit with us at the Peace Nook or call us at 573-875-0539 to get the low down.  
Hot Sheets: Monthly Hot Sheets are deep-discount sale items with significantly better sale prices than the regular specials. Our Hot Sheets orders now can be submitted with regular orders.


Note: The link above is for the most recent version of the full catalog we have access to.

Note:  When downloading catalogs first click on the link above. Then click on file and choose the "download" option with the arrow. This will result in a readable, searchable PDF or Excel file.

UNFI Pick-up Times: Our delivery day is now every other Thursday. We appreciate it if you can pick-up your order on the day it arrives, but if not, we will hold your items until you make it in. For loading out your order it is best to pull in to the alley behind the Peace Nook and put your flashers on while loading.   

Blue Planet Markups and Payment: We charge non-volunteers 15% above actual wholesale. Those who help two hours on an order are charged 8% above wholesale. Note that the actual wholesale on UNFI orders is less than the prices in the buying club catalogs indicates. Because we operate a retail store, we get lower prices than buying clubs, and we pass these savings on to our members. We can take payment in checks (preferred) or cash, but not with credit or debit cards.

All net proceeds from Blue Planet support Peaceworks’ educational work.