Working towards peace and sustainability

Sustainable Living and the Climate Crisis

Peaceworks has for years worked to promote the adoption of more sustainable lifestyles, and this remains the focus of our Center for Sustainable Living. The urgency of addressing the Climate Crisis, however, dictates that we make it clear that this is not enough. Below is a brief excerpt from the prepared text of a talk given by Peaceworks Director Mark Haim to the Muleskinners on Friday, Dec. 5, 2014. You can view the entire text if you CLICK HERE.

"Over the years I’ve given literally hundreds of talks focused on ways we can each green-up our lifestyle. I could have easily done that here today, explaining how each of our actions makes a difference; noting that no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. I could remind you that we need to rethink, reduce, reuse and recycle; drive less, bike, walk and use mass transit more; eat local whenever possible and grow your own if you can; start a compost pile; give your home an energy audit and an efficiency upgrade; unplug from hyper-consumerism; take more staycations; basically, live simply so others—and the planet—can simply live.

"Voluntary actions like these to live more sustainably are great. They are necessary. But they are not sufficient."

To read the rest of Mark Haim's comments please CLICK HERE.

Can We Count on You to "Keep It Local" and Keep Peaceworks Moving Forward?

For more than 30 years Peaceworks has been a unique, positive force in the mid-Missouri region. Our work at the grassroots--work for peace, justice, sustainability and climate protection--is necessary. And it depends upon participation and funding. Hopefully, this is where you come in.

Unlike some groups, we don't seek corporate funding. Our base of support is hundreds of households, most in the local area, that give as generously as they can, be that giving $45 or $500, $10 a month, of several times this. We are very frugal, but to continue, we need to raise $25,000 in the last three months of 2014, the bulk of that needing to be raised in December. 

So, we're asking you to act TODAY and make a generous contribution to move this drive forward. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Contributions at all levels are appreciated and we hope many of you will make sustaining monthly pledges, to give us a more consistent funding stream.

If you'd like to learn more about Peaceworks, what we've been working on and about how you can help, please CLICK HERE.

If you'd like to make a secure, on-line contribution please CLICK HERE.

If you'd rather give by mail or in person at the Peace Nook, this would be most appreciated as well. You can CLICK HERE to download a membership coupon you can print and then you can mail that to us at 804-C E. Broadway, Columbia, MO 65201, or just stop by.

Many thanks to all who've already given and to those of you who join them in supporting this important grassroots advocacy and education.

Be Another Missourian for Climate Action

Have you had it up to here with corporations and politicians who fiddle while Planet Earth burns? Are you outraged by the self-serving denials by those who profit from dirty energy and the politicians they seem to have in their hip pockets?

If you, like us, recognize the existential threat that Climate Change presents and know that Climate Action is needed, and needed NOW, we invite you to join our campaign to make this concern visible.

We have these lovely, colorful, 8.5” x 11” house signs available right now at the Peace Nook. They’re great for posting on your front door or your office door, in your window or car window, and in lots of other places. We’d be happy to give you one free of charge, or you could chip in a buck or so to help us pay for printing more.

We’re also now have bumper stickers. See below and you'll likely know you want one. We’d like this message to be seen by many thousands of people daily and help move the movement forward to achieving effective public policy to address the climate crisis. Stop by the Peace Nook soon and get your stickers and/or house signs. Help us get this message seen far and near.

Are you in?

Pursuing a Sustainable Future—Don’t Miss the 2014 SLF

As we look at our conflict-plagued planet, the need for change on all levels is readily apparent. And a critical aspect of addressing the multiple crises we face is making the transition to an economy and a culture that is rooted in sustainability.

While it is clear that changes in public policy and societal purpose are essential, it is also apparent that our collective impact on the planet and its ecosystems is the sum of our individual impacts. And who, among us in the affluent “developed world,” couldn’t take steps to green-up our lifestyle and reduce our footprint?

The beauty of making change in this incremental, piecemeal fashion is that one doesn’t have to get new laws passed or cajole a buy-in from politicians or other institutional decision-makers. Rather, sustainable lifestyle choices are doable on the individual or household level. And further, they allow each of us to lead by example, inspiring and encouraging others to move in these greener directions.

A great opportunity to learn more and consider what changes one might like to make is the upcoming, October 18, Sustainable Living Fair (SLF). We hope you’ll join us and participate in the 2014 SLF. You can learn more about this event if you CLICK HERE.

A Green Triangle

Sustainable living involves bettering our environment by making choices that lessen our impact on the Earth. Sustainable choices are also usually healthier and they save money. For example, if you walk or bike sometimes, instead of driving a car, you cut back on fossil fuel use and reduce your output of greenhouse gases and other polluting emissions, while you save money on gas and vehicle maintenance and get needed exercise to boot. This happy convergence was dubbed “the Green Triangle” by author Ernest Callenbach.

While the obvious example above is not an option for everyone, all of us can make some changes, be they in our home energy use, our participation in local food production, our dietary choices, our waste stream management or our level of overall consumption and specific consumption choices.

Those attending the SLF will be provided the opportunity, through booths, displays, workshops, a keynoter and sustainable building tours, to learn more and do some thinking about options for positive change.

A sustainable lifestyle also involves recognizing the interconnectedness of all life - recognizing that our actions here can affect other people places and things across the globe. Living sustainably can bring more satisfaction and meaning to your life.

Join us for the SLF. For more information, please visit the SLF website by CLICKING HERE and also visit our Facebook event by CLICKING HERE.