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Citizen Education & Action for Peace & the Environment

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Dear Friend of Peaceworks,

Before you even start reading, you surely know what this is about. It’s that time of the year again and Peaceworks has kicked off our 2021 membership drive. It’s, of course, a cliché to say “We can’t do this without you,” but it’s also a reality. It’s the very nature of grassroots non-profits that we all rely on the support of hundreds of donors to keep our boats afloat. We greatly appreciate your past support and hope you’ll join those who’ve already given this year so we can keep moving forward.

Thanks to community support, Peaceworks continues to be an effective voice for peace, justice, climate action and sustainability. We’ve made it through a year of pandemic and we’re keeping at it.

The pandemic has required many changes. Last March we were getting ready for the 50th anniversary Earth Day, but our plans, along with so many others, were scuttled. We’ve adapted, however, and have managed to hold our classes, meetings, candidate forums and events like the 2021 Sustainable Living Fair on-line. And this year, Earth Day will be a series of smaller events, but our work carries on.

Despite the pandemic, we’ve kept very active throughout. In September and October our “Vote for the Climate” campaign volunteers, placed nearly 400 yard signs on the lawns of climate action supporters, reminding voters that climate action is an urgent priority that candidates for office need to address. While Peaceworks does not endorse candidates, we do hold candidate forums and survey candidate positions and then inform you, our members, as well as the public at large.

While there are very significant differences between the new Biden administration and the disaster we lived through for the past four years, there is still much work to be done. When it comes to Biden policies, we have said repeatedly, “We will support the administration whenever we can, and oppose their policies whenever we must.”

For example, we are pleased with some of their actions on the climate front, and it’s a breath of fresh air to have an administration that recognizes the reality of climate science. But we know that the magnitude of the climate crisis requires a much larger investment than the current Biden infrastructure proposal provides. Likewise, we not only need to stop the KXL pipeline, but all new pipelines, all new fracking, all oil and gas exploration and leases and all other investment in fossil fuels. To date, the new administration has failed to recognize the need to focus all investment on clean, sustainable options.

We also continue to be a voice for pursuing a peaceful foreign policy. We remain advocates for mutual, verifiable, incremental and universal disarmament, moving in the years ahead to a defensive military force, rather than a nation with bases and troops stationed all around the globe.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration has declared that Trump “had it right” when it came to his massive increase in military spending. The Biden budget for fiscal year 2022 calls for small increases in military spending, when we should be making deep cuts. We can best pursue national security by investing in people and in climate action, not more redundant weapons, or spending tens of billions each year on nuclear weapons and delivery systems. This only fuels renewed arms races.

In a time of serious division, Peaceworks stands as a non-partisan advocate for peace, justice and a livable future, which are in the interests of all our fellow citizens. We will continue in the months and years ahead to be a voice for an inclusive vision that we trust you support as well.

As we, hopefully, move beyond the pandemic we remain true to peace, social justice and environmental sanity, which are at the core of our mission. We remain committed to creating a brighter future for our progeny. To continue, we need your support.  

Please give generously so we can press forward addressing a cross-section of concerns with a particular emphasis on the existential threats—climate change and nuclear weapons—that could make all other concerns moot. Peaceworks continues our work on multiple fronts including:

Being a consistent voice for peace. Demonstrating, educating, challenging the agenda of the Military-Industrial Complex; advocating for peace with Iran and a non-interventionist foreign policy; opposing new nuclear weapons; calling for major cuts in the bloated Pentagon budget.

Keeping the focus on climate change. We’ve worked on the municipal level to get the Climate Action & Adaptation Plan enacted, and now we are supporting efforts to get it implemented. We hold informational events, candidate forums, climate walks, and more and keep our supporters apprised of climate concerns. We also do all we can to insure that climate action is a focus in all elections.

Continuing sustainability education. The Sustainable Living Fair, Earth Day, Edible Columbia, sustainability classes, and more all provide learning opportunities.

Recognizing the connections. Our approach is intersectional and we lend support to a multiplicity of issues from Black Lives Matter, to protecting the Gans Creek Wild Area, to defending from hate our Asian American sisters and brothers, to calling out the sedition of Josh Hawley. We co-founded the Solidarity Network and continue to work with our allies throughout the region to promote a brighter future for all.

Operating the non-profit Peace Nook. The Nook provides unique resources for the community. It serves as an entry point for those interested in activism and the issues we work on.

We’re writing today to ask for your most generous support. A few reasons Peaceworks stands out:

* Keep it local. We work in the local arena, impacting our mid-Missouri communities, with much of the work being done by volunteers, keeping costs low and thus getting lots more bang for the buck.

* Connect the issues. Unlike some groups that focus narrowly on a single concern, we recognize the interconnection and common roots of our shared concerns. We bring people together.

* Responsive to you, our members. We listen to you, not distant grant-makers. You have a voice here.

* In it for the long haul. We’ve been at this for decades and are committed to carry this work forward for as long as it takes.

To keep moving forward, we need your support. Please give as generously as you can. Please consider a sustaining membership (monthly donation). Remember our Peaceworks’ Peace Core is made up of those who give at least $100 a year. If you are able to give more, we, of course, welcome and appreciate this. We also appreciate all who give what they can, at whatever level. And contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Even those who do not itemize can now take a deduction of up to $300 for donating to educational non-profits, including Peaceworks. We thank you in advance for your ongoing support.

Yours in solidarity for a peaceful, just, sustainable future,

Mark Haim                                  Laura Wacker                                                          Kim Dill
Director                 Sustainability Education Coordinator              Peace Nook Coordinator