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December 9, 2016

Dear friend,
These are extraordinary times, and this requires extraordinary responses from us. So, while this is our year-end appeal, it’s a little different from what you might be accustomed to. We will skip telling you about all we’ve done this year, and instead focus on the work ahead.
Peaceworks was founded as a Nuclear Weapons Freeze group in early 1982, during the Reagan presidency. We turn 35 next month, so clearly, we are “In this for the Long Haul.We’ve been through some difficult times over these decades, but honestly, none seem as challenging to me as the coming Trump era.
As I’m sure most reading this will agree, it is really unacceptable to have in the presidency someone who routinely and repeatedly degrades women; who scapegoats Muslims; who has a long history of racism and spreads lies about Mexicans and other immigrants; who belittles and mimics people with disabilities; who seems to have no grasp on the truth and says whatever he wants, regardless of its veracity (and later changes his tune and denies having made his previous statements).
But this is only addressing the things he’s said over the past many months of the campaign. Now, watching the people he is appointing to Cabinet positions and other high offices, I am even more troubled as I contemplate what he will do once in the White House. I’m deeply concerned about the people he will appoint to our courts, and their impact, over decades to come, on our liberties and our already fragile political democracy. I’m concerned over impending assaults on healthcare (ACA, Medicare, Medicaid, the VA), Social Security, the tax code, public education and environmental protections just for starters.
This said, my greatest concerns are focused on two areas, ones that Peaceworks has been involved with for decades. First, it is more than a little unsettling to know that someone as seemingly unhinged as Donald Trump will have the power to order U.S. troops into combat and even to start a nuclear war. And second, the Climate Crisis is arguably the greatest threat facing humanity, and Trump has placed himself squarely in the camp of the deniers. He has stated his intention to undo even the minimal steps forward (Paris Agreement, EPA Clean Power Plan, etc.) we have seen under Barack Obama.
I can’t promise you that we will stop Trump’s agenda, but we will do everything we can, working in coalitions, to oppose his misguided policies. And we will redouble our efforts to educate our neighbors, particularly regarding Climate Change, an area where many people have been misinformed due to fossil fuel industry-funded disinformation campaigns. We are sorely in need of a groundswell of engaged activism, embracing all non-violent avenues, to oppose the incoming administration’s agenda, and this will only come when enough people see through the lies and come to identify their true interests.
I’m enclosing the slightly updated text of a blog post Peaceworks shared last week. It was also included in our biweekly e-update, so perhaps you’ve already seen it. If not, I encourage you to read it, as it lays out some of the initial steps we are taking to build effective resistance to the Trump agenda. We don’t, as yet, know everything we’ll be facing or exactly how we’ll respond, but I hope this will give you a sense of how we intend to pursue our work in the coming period.
My Request of You
What I’m asking from you, at this point, is your generous support. We really need more friends to step up to the plate and join our Peaceworks Peace Core, giving at the $100 or above level, or donating on a monthly basis at $10 a month or more. Giving as generously as you can is all we can ask, and we appreciate what each of you does to support our work at whatever level works for you.
While money alone won’t turn things around, it is a necessary ingredient. I’ve served as director of this organization for 31 years now, and I must tell you that, in my opinion, there really has never been a more critical time for our movement. As I noted above, extraordinary times require extraordinary responses. I hope we can count on your generous support.I will also invite your active participation. And I assure you, there will be many ways to contribute your time and talents to our efforts. But right now, what we need to ask you is to help us reach a goal of at least $25K. That will give us the wherewithal to move things forward in 2017. I hope you will recognize that we are “In this for the Long Haul,” and, if you are too, that you will do what you can to see our efforts to fruition.
Your contribution is tax-deductible. You can mail it in or you can give securely by clicking on “Donate Online” at www.midmopeaceworks.org. We know that at this time of year you are likely receiving many requests for support. I think you will find there are few groups that do as much with as little as our grassroots, volunteer-driven non-profit. We’ve been at this for nearly 35 years and our intention is to hold firm to our vision of a brighter, more peaceful, just and sustainable future. I really hope you will support this work as generously as you can.

With much appreciation and best wishes this holiday season,
Mark Haim