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Dear President Biden--Peaceworks Calls for Transforming U.S. Foreign & Military Policy.


Peaceworks sent the following letter to the White House on Feb. 3, 2024. We urge you to join us in speaking out. Below the letter you will find a link that allows you to send your message to the President.

Dear President Biden,

We, the American people, have had enough of war and militarism.

There is no good reason for our country to be spending as much on our military as the next ten biggest spenders combined, with most of those ten being U.S. allies.

There is no good reason for U.S. troops to be in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar or anywhere else in the region.

We are deeply concerned that the Israel-Palestine conflict is morphing into a wider regional conflict and the action taken yesterday to attack 85 targets in Iraq and Syria only heightens tensions and makes such a war more likely.

We call upon you to use our country’s leverage to press for a ceasefire in the war between Israel and Hamas, the release of hostages, the provision of adequate humanitarian relief and the suspension of military transfers to Israel.

We believe it is in the interest of our nation and world peace to pursue an agenda that focuses on negotiations to end ongoing conflicts and further negotiations to pursue mutual, verifiable, incremental disarmament. This, along with the re-direction of funds currently being squandered on wars and militarism, to fund instead human and environmental needs, are necessary ingredients in the creation of a peaceful future for our children and grandchildren in this and in all nations around the world.

I am writing on behalf of the approximately 500 member households in Mid-Missouri Peaceworks.

Thank you for considering our concerns.

All the best,
Mark Haim
Director, Mid-Missouri Peaceworks

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