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American Blood was Spilled.


Three Americans dead.
In Jordan.
Near Syria.
Three are dead and revenge is called for.

30,000 Palestinians are also dead.
Their blood has spilled too.
In Gaza.
In the West Bank.
Are they calling for revenge?

10,000 times the revenge?

American blood has been poisoned as well.
At least Trump has told us so.
He says immigrants are
“Poisoning the blood of our country,”
We’ve heard that before, haven’t we?

Nothing new under the sun?

Spilt blood?
Poisoned blood?
Us-s and them-s?
Our tribe against theirs?

It starts with teams.
With flags.
With pledges.
With declarations of being the best,
Go team, go!

Do I mourn my sister?
My brother?
If their blood spills?

I have eight billion sisters and brothers,
If any blood is spilt, I mourn.
And it’s my belief that,
it’s minds that are poisoned,
Then blood is spilt.

By Peaceworks Director, Mark Haim