Working towards peace and sustainability

Safe Energy Wake-Up Ride

Grassroots safe energy activists in Missouri are about to make some waves. This Saturday, Oct. 14 through this coming Tuesday, Oct. 17, safe energy proponents and nuclear power opponents will be using muscle-powered transportation--bicycles--to cross the state on the KATY Trail, serving as contemporary Paul & Paula Reveres of Safe Energy.

The riders will be stopping in Jefferson City, Hermann, St. Charles and St. Louis, holding free informational programs open to the public in each city. They will also be holding news conferences outside the Missouri Public Service Commission in Jefferson City on Saturday and outside AmerenUE's corporate headquarters in St. Louis on Tuesday. The Safe Energy Wake-Up Ride will be carrying a message that Missouri, and our nation, urgently need to pursue a safe, sustainable approach to our energy future. We must wake up to the realities of our energy situation and take action NOW to promote energy efficiency and the rapid utilization of a diverse mix of renewable sources of energy. Likewise, we must eschew dirty, dangerous and expensive technologies. It is especially critical that we build no new nuclear plants, avoiding a nuclear relapse that would not only impinge on our safety, security and environmental quality, but would also gobble up limit capital that is needed to make the transition to sustainable choices.

All Missourians who support a safe, sustainable energy future are invited to participate in this event, whether they are cyclists or not. Please check out our schedule of events and come participate in whatever portions of this event work for you.