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Memorial for All Who've Died in Iraq--Coming Very Soon

This candlelight vigil will be held from 5:30-6 p.m. on the day immediately following the death of the 3,000th GI to die in Iraq. Gather at the war monuments outside the Boone County Courthouse, 8th & Walnut. We will be remembering all who've died in the war--Iraqis, Americans and others. You can keep track of the ongoing U.S. death toll by visiting: icasualties.org/oif/.

As of December 28, the tally stands at 2,991. While, of course, we don't know just what day this will take place, at the rate we've been losing troops in Iraq, it is likely to be sometime in the next few days that this grim milestone is reached. Please be prepared to attend this important event in the probable near future.

We also have black armbands with the number 3,000 painted on them. We invite you to come by the Peace Nook to get armbands for yourself and friends. There is no charge for these. Please wear them whenever you can over the next few days to draw attention to what's going on in Iraq, to highlight the need to end the war now, and also to start conversations in order to let folks know about the upcoming vigil and invite their participation.