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An Appeal for Redress from the War in Iraq

A letter from a Peaceworks volunteer and staff sergeant in the Army National Guard: We've nearly 1,200 Armed Forces women and men now who've signed the Appeal for Redress calling for an exit from Iraq. I am very encouraged by this and am also very pleased to see 2 new endorsements come from Congressman Raul Grijalva of Southern Arizona, and Representative John Lewis of Georgia.

Please pray for and think of us as we continually seek out other supporting elected officials.

As always, here's What you can do:
  1. Contact your representative and senator and let them know that you support a graceful exit from Iraq and you support the women and men who have signed the Appeal for Redress.

    I would strongly encourage you to call them as it's simple, efficient and not as easy to ignore as an email. Of course, email works also, but calling is much more effective. Snail mail works but takes longer and time is of the essence; that said, please take 1 minute to call and voice your opinion.

  2. Think long and hard of who you know; go through your address book, email list, and cell phone and contact other Service Members who are still within their contract ( i.e. Active Duty, Active Guard and Reserve, Individual Ready Reserve). Encourage them to visit the website: www.AppealForRedress.org and remind them that they are protected under law to speak freely with their elected officials.