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Say "NO" to Troop Surge: Contact Reps

Tonight, President Bush is scheduled to give an address outlining a "new direction in Iraq." Unfortunately, the new strategy is expected to be an increase of 20,000 troops on the ground. We need to make it clear that we don't want more troops in Iraq. It's time to bring them home! We urge you to contact your elected representatives and the White House comment line to let them know your feelings about this new strategy. Many calls can make a big difference.

Senator Claire McCaskill (202) 224-6154
Senator Kit Bond 442-8151 or 202-224-5721
Representative Kenny Hulshof 449-5111 or 202-225-2956
President Bush 202-456-1111

If you have a different U.S. Rep than Kenny Hulshof, you can find the contact info for your Rep at www.mosafeenergy.org/officials.

We suggest calling, as calls are harder to ignore than e-mails, or faxes. If you would like to write instead, you can find contact info at the link above. We also suggest sending any letters you pen as open letters-to-the-editor.