Working towards peace and sustainability

Many Thanks to All!

We here at Peaceworks wish to express our profound thanks to all who participated in "Peace Is Growing!" on Sunday, March 18. Seven hundred mid-Missourians turned out for this awesome rally, march and tree dedication. We thank all the speakers, performers, and volunteers of all stripes. We are especially appreciative of all of you who joined in our recruiting efforts, helping to get the word out and bringing into our peace movement many, many new faces.

For those reading this who did not get to participate, you can get some sense of the event by reading the coverage we got in the Columbia Missourian and the Columbia Tribune. We hope you will be able to be with us for future peace actions, and that you will not wait until a five-year anniversary event. We really don't want to be protesting an ongoing Iraq War one year from now, and we need your participation to help build a broad-based movement capable of bringing our troops home and averting a war with Iran.

Below are some suggestions for further action that we shared at the rally. Please do what you can. We all can play a very significant role:

Peace Efforts Approach a Tipping Point, But Things Could Go Either Way. Your Active Participation Could Make the Difference:

Thanks for being part of the movement to end the war. You are part of a growing majority of Americans who recognize that the Iraq War is wrong and must be ended. Likewise, the overwhelming majority of our people do NOT want war with Iran. Our challenge now is to convince our government—both the Republicans in the White House, and the Democrats and Republicans in the Congress—that they should follow the will of the people.

So Much is at Stake Today.

The stakes are very high indeed. We are making more and more enemies. Attacking Iran could trigger a world war, or at least a major regional war that would last many years. Given the critical nature of this moment, we are calling on each of you to consider how you might up your level of involvement. Some options include:

• Get involved in day-to-day activism. Peaceworks offers many opportunities.

• Make your views heard. Contact Congress regularly (click HERE for contact info).

• Write letters to the editor. (Click HERE for a list of links to Missouri papers)

• Display your concerns (yard signs, buttons, stickers, etc).

• Bring a peace agenda to your house of worship.

• Arrange a peace speaker for your organization. (Contact Peaceworks. We’ll supply someone.)

• Participate in peace vigils regularly. We especially encourage you to come out Wednesdays for the highly visible Rush Hour Peace Demonstration (4:15-5:45 p.m. at B’way & Providence). Come for whatever portion you can.

• Become a Peaceworks member or renew your membership. Click HERE for details.

• View yourself as an activist. Be an agent for progressive change.

• Stay informed. Regularly access the alternative media like Democracy Now!, CommonDreams.Org, TruthOut.Org, AlterNet.Org, TruthDig.Com, etc.

• Also, please sign up for Peaceworks’ Weekly E-Updates.
Write us at mail@midmopeaceworks.org.

What this really comes down to is what sort of world we want to leave for our grandkids. Do we care enough to get involved? If so, are we willing to get to the root of the problem? These are the questions we in Peaceworks are asking. Will you be a part of this movement? Can we work together to shape a brighter, more hopeful future? We hope your answer is “YES!”

Contact us about any of the above by stopping at the Peace Nook, sending an e-mail to mail@midmopeaceworks.org or calling us at 573-875-0539.