Working towards peace and sustainability

Resist Burnout, Reject Apathy, Give Those Feelings of Disempowerment the Boot!!!

When wars drag on, the way that the U.S. imperial adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan have done, it is hard for many of us to maintain our sense of engaged participation in the peace movement. A combination of jadedness, frustration and disempowerment tend to afflict those who have given so much time and effort already. We tend to feel overwhelmed that the violence continues unabated.

We, at Peaceworks, urge you to take heart, to keep strong, to keep active and to find solidarity in working with movement allies. Our efforts are making a difference. We are reaching our neighbors. Anti-war sentiment continues to grow. While we can't promise complete success or immediate results, we can say that the broader and more vocal our movement is, the more likely we are to turn things around.

If you check the calendar at the left, you will see several important peace events coming up in the very near future. We strongly encourage you to attend what you can and to bring friends, family, co-workers and others. Each one can reach several and our ranks can continue to grow.

We thank you for all you've done already and hope to see you very soon.