Working towards peace and sustainability

Help Needed with Signature Ad

We are collecting names on a peace signature ad that will run in the Columbia Daily Tribune on Friday, August 6. The statement calls for ending the wars, building a peace economy and moving forward on mutual, verifiable nuclear disarmament. We aim to have at least 1,000 names and hope to raise sufficient donations to pay for a full page ad. 

GET YOUR PETITION FORM:  If you can help collect names, please download a signature form below. Note that the petition form comes in either an 11-inch or a 14-inch version. If you have legal length paper, it's best to print this in 14" format, as you get more names to the page. If you can only print 11" this works too, it just takes more paper. The statements are, of course, identical.

COLLECT SOME NAMES:  We encourage you to collect names at your house of worship, at organizational meetings, from family members, friends and neighbors, at parties, events, etc. If you can help with public petitioning, please let us know this. If you know of events we should be collecting names at, please share this info with as much lead time as possible.

GET THEM IN TO US:  We will be collecting names through July 25. Please bring or send your signatures to the Nook as soon as is feasible, so we don't end up with a logjam doing entry at the end.

HELP US PAY FOR THE AD:  A full page in the Tribune costs nearly $2,000. So we also really need financial support to help pay for the ad. Donations are optional, but most appreciated. You can bring money with you, send a check with your mailed in signature, or make a contribution on-line, and earmark it for the ad.

We thank you!

Download Petitions Here: