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People's Economics? What's That?

Get beyond the hype and in the know.  

Peaceworks will be offering an 8-week People's Economics course on Tuesday evenings, 7:15-9 p.m., beginning Feb. 28.
Our goal: Empowering the 99% 
Join us for this if you’d like to be able to effectively challenge the rightwing myths. Conversations with your Sean Hannity-loving uncle will never be the same again.
This weekly class is designed for a general audience, without any background in economics. We want you to gain a greater understanding of how the economy really works and we’ll emphasize information you can use to promote progressive social change. 
In the first few sessions, you will learn the basics of economics. The remaining sessions will allow us to explore in greater depth specific topics relevant to the current economic crisis and the decisions we face today. 
Registration is required. There is a nominal fee of $20 general/$10 student and low-income for the entire course. Limited scholarships available. More info and registration forms at the Peace Nook. Or you can download the info and form if you CLICK HERE.  Then opt for "download original."