Working towards peace and sustainability

Peace Economy? Real Security? Your Ideas?

We're Looking for YOUR Input!

Peaceworks has, for several years now, been working to promote the conversion of our Permanent War Economy into a sustainable and just Peace Economy. We are now seeking your ideas, input, vision and participation.

For more than seven decades our economy has been on a permanent war footing. We’ve been spending far more each year on the military than is required to defend our nation. This has cost us many, many trillions. And then there’s the opportunity cost; that is the things we could have invested in instead. This includes investments in people and infrastructure that would have made our nation healthier, more prosperous and more sustainable.

While politicians talk incessantly about “national security” as they argue for directing our tax dollars to the bloated Pentagon budget, they ignore some of the most important threats to our security, most notably climate change. Prioritizing Real Security we’d make major changes to the U.S. military posture and budget.

We need to do more than simply oppose illegal and counterproductive wars, like those in Iraq or Afghanistan, when they crop up. We need to get to the root of things and challenge the very concept of the United States as a dominating global power—maintaining a military presence on every ocean, on every continent and in the skies everywhere—insisting on Full Spectrum Dominance in all realms. Our government needs to work with others to develop a framework for global security based upon cooperation and mutual, verifiable steps to disarmament, rather than attempting to impose a Pax Americana upon the planet.

We urge our fellow citizens to recognize that throwing billions daily at the Military Industrial Complex not only enriches the owners of these massive, for-profit companies while impoverishing us collectively, it also leads to an interventionist foreign policy that makes enemies and leaves us less secure.

As Dr. King observed, “True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.” Thus, we’re aiming to do more than simply cut military spending while investing in people and infrastructure. Creating a Peace Economy also involves economic justice, domestically and internationally. This includes full employment, fair wages, progressive taxation, financial regulation, fair trade relations as well as meaningful economic democracy.

Your Opportunity for Input—Make Your Voice Heard

How do we get from here to there? Peaceworks invites you to share your ideas on how we can build a Peace Economy and attain Real Security.

We’re asking you to think about what you’d like to propose for concrete actions that could be taken on our behalf by our elected officials at all levels of government, from the President and members of Congress right down to city councils or school boards. 

We’d appreciate it if you could send your ideas our way via e-mail. Please keep each proposal brief (400 words max). It’s fine to submit more than one. We suggest you write these in the form of letters to a specific elected official(s). We’ll also accept proposals directed to NGOs and others. We will, at our discretion, post your thoughts on our website and our Facebook page. We will include your name, unless you request anonymity, and your picture, if you’d like, and if you send us one.

Send to mail@midmopeaceworks.org ASAP and by 3/15/14 at the latest. Peace Nook gift certificates will be awarded to those we judge best. And we’ll consider all proposals for future campaigns as part of our work for Real Security and a Peace Economy.