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Climate Matters

For more than a year now the national media has focused on the extraordinary 2016 presidential election. Of course, they focus largely on the “horse race” or whatever absolutely outrageous statement a candidate made today. Meanwhile, some of the most important issues, including the Climate Crisis, are only rarely covered, and then with little depth. And important down-ballot races get far less coverage, and questions regarding candidates’ positions on climate change rarely are raised.

This is our dilemma. In spite of the fact that Climate Change is an existential threat; despite the fact that it has gone from something-someday to a present reality already disrupting millions of lives; despite the fact that thousands of scientists are telling us that addressing this challenge is the most important thing our government must do over the next four years, it receives scant attention.

While Peaceworks does not endorse, support or oppose candidates, we do educate and take stands on issues. And it is imperative that the issues that matter most are brought up during the election season. And Climate Change most definitely is one of these. So, we’ve summed this up in just two words:  “Climate Matters.”

Between now and Election Day, our Climate Matters campaign will work to better inform the candidates of our concerns and get them to reveal their intentions regarding climate change. And, with the participation of our members, we will raise our concerns in a variety of venues.

The Climate Matters agenda includes:  1) Sponsorship or promotion of candidate forums that focus on energy and climate concerns, as well as general forums where the climate issue can be raised; 2) Birddogging candidates, going out to their local appearances and asking them to address the Climate Crisis; 3) Publishing information to let voters know where the candidates stand on this critical set of issues; 4) Holding Climate Change-focused informational programs and visible public events, including the Oct. 16 Walk for the Climate; 5) Encouraging folks to communicate their concerns directly to candidates, in letters to the editors and via social media. We need to make it clear that their stand on this issue matters to us as voters.

Join Us—Let Them Know Climate Matters to You.

We are seeking volunteers who will participate in building this campaign. If interested, please write to us at mail@midmopeaceworks.org or call us at 573-875-0539. We are struggling to ensure a livable world for our children and theirs. This task is urgent and there are many ways to participate. Please join us in this effort.