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Climate Matters—Candidates’ Stands Matter

As you may already know, Peaceworks has been working hard to bring the Climate Crisis to the foreground during the election season. While we do not endorse, support or oppose candidates for office, we do educate our members, supporters and the public at large as to where the candidates stand.

Toward this end, we sent out questionnaires to 73 candidates inquiring as to their positions on energy and climate concerns. Despite reminders, only 13 of these elected officials and aspiring elected officials took the time to fill out our survey.

This lack of willingness to go on the record regarding this existential threat reflects, it seems to us, both an ignorance of the nature of the threat and a perception that these are not issues of great concern to constituents.

We encourage you to CLICK HERE to see our questions and to learn what those who did respond have to say.

We also have provided a full list of the 73 we attempted to survey and, wherever possible, we have included a link to their websites or Facebook pages. Some have info as to their energy and climate stances posted. Most do not. Most pages do have a contact link where you can send them a message.

We encourage you to contact those who did reply, thank them for responding, and to share your thoughts on the positions they’ve taken.

We also encourage you to contact those who have not responded to express your concern for the climate and for investing in a sustainable energy future. If you let them know that this is an issue that concerns their constituents, perhaps they will come to recognize its importance.

We should also note that we did not attempt to contact candidates for local county offices, and likewise, as a local group, we did not attempt to question the presidential candidates. The stands of candidates at all levels of governance are critically important and we encourage you to explore where all candidates stand before voting.

Again, you can find the results of our survey if you CLICK HERE.