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Congress Needs to Hear from Us on the Climate--Letters Ready to Go.

As you surely know, Donald Trump has appointed a collection of climate change deniers and dismissers to key positions in his administration. And, sadly, the Senate has confirmed them. Most egregious, perhaps, is Scott Pruitt, who, as Oklahoma Attorney General has sued the EPA 14 times, and now is the EPA Administrator. We are very concerned that the Trump-Pruitt Agenda will entail scrapping both the EPA Clean Power Plan (which Pruitt sued to stop) and the Paris Climate Accord (which Trump pledged to withdraw the U.S. from). It is now up to us to try our best to convince Congress to protect the very modest climate gains made during the eight years Obama was in office.

WRITING CONGRESS:  What we’ve been told is that it is much more effective to send a letter than to just make a comment on-line. Moreover, letters sent to district offices, rather than those in DC, are actually processed faster and seen sooner than those sent to Washington.

In order to facilitate getting lots of letters sent in we have created model letters and posted these in PDF format. To access them, just CLICK HERE.

There are three ways you can make use of these. The easiest is to print them out. Sign them. Print your name and your address below, and send them off. If you would like to personalize them, you can copy the text of the letters, paste it into a Word document, and then edit this to reflect your concerns. Or you can just use the addresses, start from scratch and write your own letter.

Whichever way works best for you, please take action. The simple print, sign and mail approach will take less than 10 minutes. Please note that it is important to thank Sen. Claire McCaskill for her votes against Pruitt and Tillerson, and to encourage her to become a climate action leader. It is also important to include your address, first of all, so they know you’re their constituent and also so they can write back.

Finally, there are two letters to the Senators—McCaskill and Blunt—and it’s important to send both of these. Following this, there are three letters to members of the House—either Hartzler, Luetkemeyer or Graves—and you should only send one of these. If you’re not sure who your rep is, you can CLICK HERE to find out. Just go to this page and the Rep Finder is on the upper right of the page.