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Picture This—A Peace Economy, Instead of Permanent War

We invite you to consider the costs of U.S. militarism.

Ever notice how the media and the politicians are always using the term “defense,” when talking about the military? “Defense” seems so legitimate; so necessary. And it is so unlike what the U.S. military is actually tasked with as its primary responsibilities.
The costs of using the military for geopolitical hegemony globally are enormous. They drain—not bolster—our economy, ultimately hollowing it out due to lack of investment in people and infrastructure.

Most of our fellow citizens have no idea how lopsided this is; how out of kilter the amount American taxpayers are being forced to pay compared with the citizens of other nations.

War is awful and, as many have observed, in war there are no real winners, only losers. This said, in past wars, including World War II, opposing armies were vanquished and the fighting ended. More recent conflicts, despite its overwhelming technological advantage, the U.S. military has been unable to prevail. It’s hard to win wars when those being attacked are on the defensive in their own countries.

The nexus of economic muscle and political power is a tough nut to crack, but, if we have any hope for a peaceful future, we’ve got to take on this center of power.

It really is time for us, the people of the United States, to get our priorities straight and make this one of the defining issues as we move ahead. Peaceworks needs, and welcomes, your participation in this effort.