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Speak Out Regarding the Violence in Israel-Palestine.

People of conscience and good intention often need to agree to disagree. When it comes to Israel-Palestine, some favor a two-state solution, while others favor a bi-national, secular state for all of historic Palestine.

But, whatever one’s vision of a just settlement might be, it is undeniable that the continued occupation and settlement of the West Bank and the continued blockade of Gaza are in violation of international law and are unacceptable. This path only leads to further conflict, violence and suffering.

It is also undeniable that, regardless of one’s position on maintaining the Israel-Gaza border, if the Israeli military simply wanted to keep the people of Gaza from crossing the border, this could have been done without resort to lethal violence. Now, with many dozens killed and literally thousands wounded through the use of live ammunition, Israel’s actions have, once again, tragically left large numbers of Palestinians bereaved. Their suffering has been great for many decades. Until this long train of unjust actions is recognized and steps taken to address the harm done, there will be no peace.

Israel’s actions only make enemies and, as a result, make a near-term negotiated settlement of this festering conflict ever less likely. And this might be exactly what Netanyahu wants. But, in reality, besides the continuing harm done to the Palestinians, this rejectionist response is not in Israel’s interest and it is certainly not in the U.S.’s interest.

We are painfully aware that the Trump administration has given Israel’s rightwing government virtually everything they want, from trashing the Iran Nuclear Deal, to moving the embassy to Jerusalem to continuing the billions in military aid the U.S. supplies annually.

We, at Peaceworks, are urging you, our members and supporters, to speak out. Please communicate with our Federal elected officials and share your concerns for a peaceful and just resolution to this long-term conflict. You can find contact info for the President, our Missouri U.S. Senators, and our U.S. Reps if you click HERE.

Please speak out today. Remember, silence is the voice of complicity.