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Candidates on Climate—Where do They Stand?

If you pay attention to politics you might see that a handful of issues are drawing the most attention from candidates on the campaign trail. While some pols are addressing climate change, especially in light of the extreme weather happening in much of the world this spring and summer, many are ignoring it entirely.

So, for the third consecutive election cycle, Peaceworks has asked Missouri candidates running for state and federal legislative seats to share their positions on what arguably is the most critical issue facing humanity this century.

As you might know, Mid-Missouri Peaceworks is a grassroots, non-profit organization that works on sustainability, climate, peace and justice concerns. Peaceworks is an educational
organization and does not endorse, support or oppose candidates for office. We do, however, educate voters as to the issue stands of candidates.

The links below will take you to our survey. You will find that 17 candidates answered our questions, which might sound good at first, but then, when you learn that we invited 92 candidates to share their thoughts, you’ll realize that there are many who are either continuing to play ostrich, pretending that the climate crisis is not real, or that some know it’s real, but think that acknowledging this won’t help them raising money or winning the votes of constituents who’ve been lied to for decades.

We have included in our survey document the names and campaign websites or Facebook pages for as many of the candidates as we could find. We’d like to urge you to communicate your concerns with those who chose not to respond, as well as to engage with those who did. Please let them know your thoughts and concerns. We also would encourage you to vote in the primary on August 2 and to lift up the “Vote for the Climate” message so the candidates realize that this issue matters to their constituents.

To view the full document click HERE.

To view just the introduction click HERE.

To view the survey of those running for the state legislature click HERE.

To view the survey of those running for Congress, including House and Senate, click HERE.