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Please Say "NO" to Sending More Troops to Iraq

As Iraq continues its descent, with unimaginable horrors reported daily, there is a new push by the administration to give the war a makeover in hopes of convincing the American people that it is "winnable." Bush himself said today " We'll succeed, unless we quit." Well, of course, we've heard this before and we know it's delusive. We are also reading reports of plans to increase the number of U.S. troops in Iraq by 20,000. This is outrageous, and it flies in the face of the intent of the voters just 10 days ago when they repudiated Bush's failed war policies.

Continuing the war is a prescription for death and destruction without end. The enmity that our nation has already generated through its illegal and immoral war will only be compounded. The human suffering goes beyond most of our imaginings. We cannot allow this to happen.

Please call your elected officials. Our elected officials need to hear from us. We in Peaceworks urge you to take 10-15 minutes to make your voice heard. We're asking you to make four quick phone calls to the President and to your Congressional delegation. Please tell them you want a prompt end to the war, not an escalation; that you want our troops brought home NOW, not more troops sent in.

If you live in Columbia or one of the neighboring communities in the MO 9th CD, all the numbers below should be accurate. If you live elsewhere in Missouri, you will need to get your Rep's phone number, and, if out of state, both your Rep and your Senators' numbers. If you need this info check:

For U.S. Reps visit: house.gov

For U.S. Senators visit: senate.gov

If you live in our area, please contact:
  • President Bush 202-456-1111
  • Senator Kit Bond 442-8151 or 202-224-5721
  • Senator-elect Claire McCaskill 314-918-8683
  • Representative Kenny Hulshof 449-5111 or 202-225-2956
We encourage you to read Simon Tisdall's article from The Guardian and the response to it from Chris Floyd in the Baltimore Chronicle. They will give you insight into what could well be in the works, unless, that is, we take action to stop it.