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Wednesday, June 6: Be One of (At Least) 50 People for Peace

As the tragedy of war hits home for more and more American families (123 GIs killed in Iraq during May, more than 600 wounded), and, of course, with many times this number of Iraqi families impacted, it is clearly time for us to up the level of our activism and insist that our government end this tragic war of aggression.

We invite you to participate in giving our Rush Hour Peace Demonstrations higher profile. We are reviving the custom of asking as many people as possible to turn out on the first Wednesday of the month for at least some of the time we are out at Broadway & Providence (4:15-5:45 p.m.). Our goal at this juncture is to turn out at least 50 people.

Can you commit to participating?

If so, please send us an e-mail (post to: mail@midmopeaceworks.org) saying "count me in."

The level of response really rises when our numbers exceed the usual dozen or 15. When there are 25-30, the honking becomes noticeably more continuous. If we hit 50, people will really take notice, big time. Your presence will make it clear to others that we take ending the war seriously and we want them to join in a movement that insists that Congress pulls the plug on this horrible war.

Bring friends, family, co-workers, etc. Please come out and join us. Signs and banners provided (although you are welcome to bring your own).