Working towards peace and sustainability

People Get Ready. . .

Hang on to your hats and jump on board. Things are moving forward rapidly and there's plenty of room for you on this train.

2008 is a "political year," which to most people means we'll be having a major national election. Politics, however, is much more than elections. Those of us committed to the causes of peace, sustainability and social justice always have the opportunity to focus public attention on our issues. Election years, however, are a time when many more people pay attention to questions of public policy, and thus we can address a broader audience.

This year we need to invite and encourage as many of our fellow citizens as possible to join in the process of insisting that elected officials and those who seek to serve in elected office recognize the need for making thoroughgoing change.

This change has to be more rhetorical. We can not accept an economic system is predicated on militarism, unsustainable in virtually every regard and seriously skewed in terms of distribution of wealth and power. We must consistently work to raise our concerns and expand the parameters of public discourse.

There will be many, many opportunities to move forward a progressive agenda this year regardless of who the candidates for office are. We hope you will take seriously the opportunities that participating in the 2008 elections offer--limited as these might be--and that you will also do more than just get involved with candidate campaigns. Peaceworks invites you to join us in building public support for a far more progressive agenda than any of the candidates will be offering.

A real shift in the political center of gravity will only be effected if we get out in front of the process and articulate a truly visionary approach to addressing foreign policy, the economy, energy and the other interconnected issues that should be the focus of public attention in this political year.

In the near term we hope you will sign up to be a participant in "1,000 Strong for Peace" on March 16. We encourage you to become an organizer for this hopefully massive gathering. Moreover, we invite you to get involved in the day-to-day work for peace. There will be numerous opportunities in the weeks and months ahead. We also encourage you to get active with our sustainability work. Missourians for Safe Energy and our Center for Sustainable Living are both looking for more active participants. The time is now. The opportunities are there. Let us know that you are read to get on board.