Working towards peace and sustainability

Let's Grow Some Movement This Summer

Summer is practically upon us. Many of us are spending time in our gardens, planting tomatoes, corn, beans, squash and the like, pulling weeds and adding soil amendments to help our fledgling seedlings grow.

This also needs to be a time for us progressives to plant the seeds and nourish the sprouts to grow a strong, empowered movement for real change.

Those of us who know that real peace, social justice and ecological sanity won't come from simply electing a different president, but rather will require a massive transformation of consciousness and--building on this--a redefinition of power relations in our nation, need to be working hard, day-in and day-out, to facilitate this transformation.

Those of us who understand that a sustainable future will only be possible if we can build a culture of cooperation, sharing, creativity and simplicity, need to be organizing and reaching out to our neighbors. There are lots of people unhappy with gas prices, but they need to understand that the answers won't come from drilling in the Arctic or building new nukes. They certainly won't come from attacking Iran or attempting to enforce global hegemony.

There are solutions, and they are within the reach of an organized, effective mass movement. Our job is to build that movement. This takes reaching out to our neighbors. It takes both living our vision--to the extent that we can--and sharing our sense of hope, optimism and possibility.

This summer we will be holding more events than usual. Over the next few weeks we'll have an informational program on Iran with Lily Tinker Fortel (6/10), a Bike Ride followed by a Potluck and Discussion Salon (6/15), a Sol-a-bration on the Summer Solstice (6/21), an evening with Scott Ritter and Lizzie West & Baba Buffalo (6/22). We'll also be out reaching out to our fellow citizens at Twilight Fests, Art in the Park, PrideFest and more.

Our presence and our outreach are all about the possibility for real change. We will share our sense that the needed changes are possible; that each of us can play a meaningful role; that the time for action is now and that together we can...

What are you waiting for? If being part of such a movement speaks to something in you, please speak with us and let's talk about how we can work together to make that real difference.