Working towards peace and sustainability

A Critical Juncture

As the clock runs out on the Bush administration, we find ourselves on the cusp of critical decisions regarding many issues that concern Peaceworks, our members and our supporters. Many of us are asking:

• Will the United States withdraw—really withdraw, not just draw down—from Iraq?

• Will our government attack Iran?

• Will there be an escalation of the Afghanistan War?

• Will our government remain committed to empire, militarism and global hegemony, or will we chart a new course based upon cooperation and sustainable development?

• Are we going to really come to grips with the realities of Global Climate Change and Peak Oil?

• Can we move to a sustainable energy policy based upon efficiency and renewables, or will the oil, coal, nuclear and agribusiness interests continue to milk us and provide unsustainable options?

• Can our economy be redirected to serve the interests of the working majority, or will it continue to function primarily to the benefit of a small elite?

The list goes on, but hopefully you get the point. Tur living room is filled with a crowd of 800-pound gorillas, and it seems they are family, ’cause they sure are all related, aren’t they?

It is also clear that setting our course right is dependent on more than just who wins the November elections. There clearly are differences between the candidates and Peaceworks, while not endorsing candidates, encourages everyone who’s eligible to get out and vote. But, we must recognize that this is just one part of what needs to be done.

Between now and November 4, and then in the weeks, months and years following the election, we will have critical work to do from the grassroots to turn this country around. Our nation is largely steered by powerful interests. Large corporations have tremendous influence within both major parties and in Congress. A progressive agenda will only be moved forward if we are able to organize to counterbalance the influence of money and power. This is the mission of groups like Mid-Missouri Peaceworks, to educate, organize and develop greater influence, whomever is elected.

It will take sustained effort, and we invite and need your active participation now and in the days ahead. Please join us in this critical work.