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Obama Wins. Where from Here?

Peaceworks salutes the American people. The choice of Barack Obama over John McCain bodes well for our future. While Peaceworks cannot endorse candidates or work in the electoral arena, now that the election is over, we certainly can say that Obama's platform is closer to our agenda than McCain's.

This said, Peaceworks will not be an automatic cheering squad for the incoming Obama administration. But neither will we stand in consistent opposition, as was necessitated by virtually every action taken by the Bush administration. An appropriate role for an educational and advocacy group like Peaceworks is to support an administration’s actions when we can and to oppose them when we must. Moreover a major component of our work is to strive to influence their policies so that they are more likely to be ones we can support.

Historic Nature of Obama's Victory

Obama's victory is something to applaud for several reasons. First of all, for the past eight years the Bush administration had taken our country down the road to ruin. They engaged in wars of aggression while ramping up already bloated military budgets to unprecedented levels. They trampled on civil liberties and spied on the citizenry. They ignored or exacerbated pressing environmental and energy crises. Their policies accelerated the skewing of wealth distribution to favor the well heeled, while they ignored the needs of the least among us. And they generally mismanaged the economy. A McCain victory would have been a vote to continue on this disastrous course. Thankfully, the American people realized this and chose a new direction.

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