Working towards peace and sustainability

ENOUGH! Stand for Peace & Justice, Sun., Oct. 9.

Had ENOUGH? Sick and tired of endless war? Are you more than a little disturbed when you hear that our government plans at least three and a half more years of hot war in Afghanistan, and aims for a troop presence there for the next 13+ years? Do you think that there are better uses for the $2 billion we're spending there each week? How about the lives of the war's victims--both combatants and civilians?

If you want to see an end to what some would like to be perpetual war, it's going to take sustained, active involvement. It's easy for the politicians to ignore polls showing more than two-thirds of our citizens want to bring our troops home from Afghanistan, when hardly anyone is making serious noise about this.

As we observe the tenth anniversary of this terrible conflict we all have a responsibility to make our voices heard. And we have that opportunity with "ENOUGH! Stand for Peace & Justice."  Plan to join us at 1:30 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 9 at Courthouse Square.

TAKE ACTION TODAY. SIGN UP NOW:  Our first goal is to get 120 people to commit to attending. This number represents the number of months since the start of the Afghanistan War. 120 months of war, 120 months too many!

As of September 22, 54 people have signed up. We're nearly halfway to our initial goal. If you can commit to being one of the remaining 66, please send us an e-mail at mail@midmopeaceworks.org  with the subject line "Enough Sign-Up"  Please include your name and your phone number.

HELP RECRUIT OTHERS:  Getting 120 peace and justice advocates to participate is just the first step. We will be working to get at least twice this number by urging each participant to recruit at least one friend, family member, neighbor, co-parishioner or colleague to also sign up. The first 120 represent the ENOUGH! part, the dark months of war. Those who commit beyond this represent our hope for a peaceful future. We want the hope to exceed the period of darkness and war. Please join in working with us to build a really robust turnout for this important anniversary event.