Working towards peace and sustainability

Time to Advance, Not Retreat

“And we’re still marching on the streets
With little victories and big defeats
But there is joy and there is hope and there’s a place for you” — Joan Baez

A question: Are you so infuriated by the state of our body politic that you feel hopeless or nearly so? If so, you’re not alone. Confronting endless obstacles in the fight for what’s right, what’s good and what’s needed leaves many progressives in despair. Tuning out the world, however, is not a viable option.

The reality is that there are politicians, talking heads and corporations set on dismantling Social Security, Medicaid and other social insurance programs. The reality is that our government has gotten us involved in endless wars under the ruse of “fighting terrorism,” and they’re trying to convince us that this is normal and good. The reality is that our environment, already under assault, faces further threats from deregulation and climate-change denial. And the promoters of tar sands oil, “clean coal,” “affordable nuclear power” and other dirty energy choices stink of corporate influence.

This reality, however, is ripe for change. But a key ingredient is missing, something so vital that without it the whole of this working-for-peace-and-justice-and-a-sustainable-future becomes a vast bubbling stew of important but repetitive events and same old, same old. Yes, we’re talking about you. YOU are the needed ingredient to make this organic masterpiece of activism even tastier.

We need fresh ideas. We need new blood. We need the best minds of our progressive generations coming together. We need you.

If you believe in compassion, mutual support and shared responsibility for the common good; if you believe it is in the interest of future generations to work for a clean, sustainable future; if you believe in collective security, a peace economy and global sustainable development that represents a hopeful alternative to what we see on the news every day, then please, step right up. It’s time to advance, not retreat.

What can you possibly do, you might wonder.

Well, what can you do? Can you sew, paint, draw, write, sing, play music, take pictures? Talk to a group of 10 or 20 or 100 people? Think critically? Make phone calls? Attend a peace rally? Hold a sign at a demonstration? Help plan events? Discuss the state of the world in a thoughtful, compassionate way? Write a letter to Congress or to the editor?  Sign a petition? Gather signatures on a petition? Attend a meeting? Provide moments of levity in this all-too-serious undertaking? Raise money? Give money? Post fliers? Update websites? Staff a lit table and give out info? Talk to legislators, church groups or civic organizations? Talk to your neighbors and friends? Dance and sing and make merry? If you can do just one of these things, you have the ability to be an essential part of this movement for peace, justice and a sustainable future.

We know you’re busy. You’ve got _____ (a job, school, kids, family, friends, church, carpool, soccer, Chief’s football, other commitments). We understand. But consider: All of these other commitments – family, work, school, etc. – could very well be in jeopardy if we don’t create a peaceful, just, sustainable future in which to cherish and enjoy them. One more thing: There’s no guilt here. You are appreciated for whatever time you contribute.

You are needed to help create the world anew, and Peaceworks invites you to join us in doing just that.