Working towards peace and sustainability

Be Another Missourian for Climate Action

Have you had it up to here with corporations and politicians who fiddle while Planet Earth burns? Are you outraged by the self-serving denials by those who profit from dirty energy and the politicians they seem to have in their hip pockets?

If you, like us, recognize the existential threat that Climate Change presents and know that Climate Action is needed, and needed NOW, we invite you to join our campaign to make this concern visible.

We have these lovely, colorful, 8.5” x 11” house signs available right now at the Peace Nook. They’re great for posting on your front door or your office door, in your window or car window, and in lots of other places. We’d be happy to give you one free of charge, or you could chip in a buck or so to help us pay for printing more.

We’re also now have bumper stickers. See below and you'll likely know you want one. We’d like this message to be seen by many thousands of people daily and help move the movement forward to achieving effective public policy to address the climate crisis. Stop by the Peace Nook soon and get your stickers and/or house signs. Help us get this message seen far and near.

Are you in?