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Say “Yes!” to Respect. Say “No!” to Trump’s Agenda.

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Perhaps you share the sense that one chapter of our National Nightmare is coming to a close, but another is just beginning? Do you feel stuck in a bad dream you can’t get out of; feeling frozen in place, seeing danger approach but unable to move? 

Well, we at Peaceworks are not asleep at the switch. We are awake, clear of mind and not willing to accept a passive role. Rather, we aim to come together and, to as great an extent as possible, create our shared destiny. And we will do this through active engagement, addressing frontally the challenges we face. And we will reach out to our neighbors and our fellow citizens to build a progressive majority that can turn things around. We invite and encourage you to join us in this effort.

Some have asked, “Why not give Trump a chance?” The answer should be obvious.

First, we have watched this man campaign for a year and a half. We have seen an abusive individual who treats others with profound disrespect. He has the personality of a thin-skinned, self-aggrandizing tyrant. Donald Trump shows zero respect for women. Rather, he objectifies them constantly. He belittles those with disabilities; scapegoats minorities; bullies those who disagree with him; and tries to cow the media into subservience.

Trump launched his campaign with xenophobic ranting about Mexicans being rapists and thieves and nonsensical visions of a Great Wall. He released a list of prospective court nominees that is enough to make any civil libertarian’s skin crawl. He has talked about banning Muslims and now says he’s seriously considering a Muslim registry. He’s claimed that Climate Change—arguably the greatest threat to our survival—is a hoax, and has embraced the sick notion that nuclear weapons proliferation is OK, while endorsing the pursuit of a new nuclear arms race.

But, let us be clear, it is not just his campaign rhetoric or his abusive, disrespectful style, his anti-intellectualism or his grandiosity that troubles us. Rather, it is the people he’s appointed to lead the executive branch of our government and their track records that makes it crystal clear that his agenda is wrong for our nation on just about every front.

While space does not allow a thoroughgoing review of his appointees, we should note that his cabinet, as nominated, is chocked full of extreme views and extreme wealth. It is top-heavy with generals/militarists. And, ironically, after campaigning against Goldman Sachs, he’s appointed three from this financial behemoth to top positions in his administration.

Many Trump appointees have either no experience in the area their agency operates in, or, worse yet, have actively campaigned against the agency’s mission. Several have actually called for abolishing the sector of government they will soon be in charge of, unless their nominations are stopped.

Knowing the positions they embrace and the biases they carry, we can say, from the get-go that a big part of our mission will be actively speaking out against what they are aiming to do. We must convince as many of our elected officials as possible to put the brakes on their efforts to steamroll through so-called “reforms” that actually represent the destruction of so much of what we value and need.

We are talking here about everything from healthcare/ACA, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security to the funding of education. We’re looking at huge, windfall tax cuts for the 1% that will leave our government without the funding to pay for essential services. We’re deeply concerned about the possible deportation of millions, dividing families and tearing apart communities.

We’re speaking out against the commitment to dramatically increase military spending, the bellicose approach to some countries including Iran and China, and the misguided promise to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, something almost certain to put the kibosh on any efforts to peacefully settle the conflict there. And, of course, we’re talking about the Climate Crisis and Trump’s stated intention to end the EPA Clean Power Plan and withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

If you’re feeling small, and if reading this leaves you feeling overwhelmed, we understand, but this is no time to throw up our hands and give up. No, not at all. Now is the time when redoubling our efforts is essential. Now is the time for us to be out marching in large numbers. Now is the time to be holding public meetings; to be going to town halls and to the offices of elected officials. Now is the time for door-to-door outreach. Now is the time for public education; for agitation; for organizing; for impressing upon our fellow citizens what it is we truly need and for working night and day to achieve it. Now is the time to build coalitions. Now is the time for activism; for active resistance.

Now is the time to build a culture of resistance and of mutual respect.  Now is the time to embrace and celebrate our diversity. Now is the time to be respectful of nature and the ecological balances. Now is the time to see the worth in all, even the humblest among us. Now is the time to respond to each other with kindness, not derision. Now is the time to respect our neighbors; those down the block, as well as those around the world. Let us be an example to others and, in the process, let us win over those who today support Donald Trump. Let us follow that old adage, “Keep hope alive!”

Let respect, kindness and hope flourish.

See you at the rally!