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30 Missouri Candidates on Energy & Climate Change

Peaceworks, with the co-sponsorship of Citizens’ Climate Lobby of Missouri, Mizzou Energy Action Coalition, and Climate Reality Project, Missouri Leadership Corps, has conducted a candidate survey, asking contenders for legislative seats on the state and federal levels where they stand on climate and energy concerns.

We were very pleased to have 30 candidates respond this year, up from just 15 two years ago. Moreover, it seems that more candidates are “getting it,” submitting answers to our questions that show they have thought seriously about the issues, and have been seeking out effective solutions to the climate crisis.

We would note that it seems the climate issue is still one that is polarized along partisan lines. Most GOP candidates are still not interested in addressing climate change. Of our 30 responses, 25 were from Democrats, two were from Libertarians, two from Greens, and only one from a Republican candidate, who, incidentally, was a Democrat until she changed parties a few months ago. Clearly, the climate movement needs to continue to reach out to more conservative voters and politicians.

We hope you will spend some time reading through the candidates’ responses. Some, at least, make really good and informative reading.

You can access our full report if you CLICK HERE.

It might, however, be easier to read through this in sections.

We suggest you start with this four-page introduction that lays out our methodology and provides the questions:  CLICK HERE.

There are then four sections of the report with candidate responses:

You’ll find the responses of seven candidates for the Missouri State House from Boone County districts:  CLICK HERE.

You’ll find the responses of 10 candidates for the Missouri State House from other parts of mid-Missouri:  CLICK HERE.

You’ll find the responses of six mid-Missouri candidates for the Missouri State Senate:  CLICK HERE.

You’ll find the responses of seven candidates running for Congress:  CLICK HERE.

We encourage you to engage candidates. This includes sharing your thoughts and feedback with those who participated in this survey, as well as letting those who chose not to participate know that climate is an issue that matters to you; one that you want them to address both in the campaign and, if elected, when in office. Thanks!