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End the Russia-Ukraine War Now!

The Russian invasion eight months ago has led to a devastating war that needs to end ASAP. Both sides seem more than willing to continue the fighting and, if need be, to further escalate, possibly leading to the use of nuclear weapons. This is a most dangerous approach. Ending the war through military victory by either side has proven elusive to date and is likely to continue to be unattainable.

We find this situation, and our government’s approach, unacceptable. Rather than a prolonged conflict—so costly in life and limb, not to mention the destruction of infrastructure and the harm caused to the environment—we need a ceasefire and a negotiated settlement.

The United States is the primary provider of weapons to the Ukrainian side and thus has great leverage. Powerful interests in our government, however, see this as an opportunity to reduce Russia’s power and influence and possibly even to pursue regime change. They are joined with the arms merchants of the Military-Industrial Complex in seeing this war as an opportunity, rather than a tragedy.

We, the people, have to say “No!” to this approach and instead for our government to make it clear to both the Ukraine and Russian sides that continued war is unacceptable.

We have written about this in more depth in our most recent newsletter and you can access this if you CLICK HERE.  We welcome your feedback on this.