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Vote for the Climate--The Time for Action is NOW!

The November 8 mid-term elections are coming right up and much is riding on their outcome. While Peaceworks doesn’t endorse candidates, we do urge all who are eligible to participate in voting and to find out where the candidates stand on climate concerns, and then to make this an important criterion to consider in making one’s voting choices. That’s what we mean when we say “Vote for the Climate.”

There are four things we’re asking you to consider doing to participate in this effort:

1)  Ascertain where the candidates on your sample ballot stand on climate concerns, and let the candidates know of your climate concerns.

2)  Join Peaceworks’ Green Team in canvassing for Vote for the Climate.

3)  Influence those around you, urging them to be climate conscious in their voting.

4)  Vote yourself, either in person on Nov. 8 or by no-excuse absentee voting between Oct. 25 and Nov. 7.

Here’s some more info:

Where do they Stand?

If you don’t know, try visiting their websites. You can find links to candidate websites, Facebook pages and other social media via Ballotpedia at https://ballotpedia.org. You can usually find a “contact us” button or email address if you want to ask for more info or want to let them know your concerns.

Also note: Peaceworks did a candidate survey a few months ago. Not as many candidates responded as we hoped would, and some who did were primary contenders, but are not on the November ballot. Some are, however, and you can read their responses at: 

Join the Canvass:

If you’ve been down West Broadway, West Blvd., West Ash, W. Worley &/or Paris Rd. of late you’ve probably started seeing the Vote for the Climate yard-signs. Help us get more out by joining other volunteers in going door-to-door.

We plan to canvass every weekend between now and election day. The plan is to meet at 11:30 on Saturdays, have a short training and then hit the doors from 12-2. Sundays we will meet at 12:30 and knock doors from 1-3. We will meet at Courthouse Plaza right by 8th and Walnut downtown. There’s free parking on the weekends in the parking garage right across the street.

It would really help us know, beforehand, how many people are coming and also if people will have their own vehicle or if they will need a ride. The best way to sign up is to send an email to
mail@midmopeaceworks.org and let us know which day(s) you’re interested in canvassing and whether you have transportation or need it.

If you’re not comfortable going solo, bring a friend, or we can aim to get you a canvass partner to work with.

Get Your Own Sign:

If you just can’t do the canvass, perhaps you can place a “Vote for the Climate” yard-sign in your yard and perhaps get some for neighbors. We make these available here at the Peace Nook, so please feel free to stop by.

Turnout is Essential

We need climate voters to turn out during this critical election cycle. Each of us needs to make a plan to vote, including checking one’s polling place (they do change), making sure your registration is up to date (in county changes of address can still be updated) and figure out when you can vote on election day, or, if you can’t do it then, to find a time to do no-excuse absentee voting.

So, once you do that for yourself, how about reaching out to friends, family, co-workers, co-parishioners, etc. and making sure they are in the loop and prepared. Please encourage those who are jaded and think voting doesn’t do any good, to rethink this. Elections have outcomes and we must live with these. Even if one candidate is not exactly your cup of tea, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. If the other contender is awful, it’s better to vote for the best option available.

Finally, note: There are new ID requirements. These are summarized here: