Working towards peace and sustainability

Host a House Party for Peace

We'll make you a deal. Let's have a party. You find the place (your house or a friend's) and invite the guests (your friends, neighbors, co-workers, family, etc.). We'll bring the movie, and, if you like, we'll send along a speaker.

This is a great opportunity to get folks in your circle talking about the war, how to end it, how to prevent future wars, and much more.

To make it a real party though, can you provide some light refreshment too?

If you're interested, please contact us soon at mail@midmopeaceworks.org or at 573-875-0539 to arrange a mutually good date.

The movie we'd love to share with you and your guests is "War Made Easy." It's based on a book by the same name by media critic and political analyst Norman Solomon. It's a powerful film that really deserves wide exposure.

Here's some more info on the film from our friends at Just Foreign Policy:

Iraq, unfortunately, is not the only country our government has invaded in recent history. Not even close. From Korea to Vietnam, Grenada to Kosovo, U.S. presidents have flexed their military might and tried to convince Americans of the righteousness of their wars.

Media critic Norman Solomon has just released a film, narrated by actor Sean Penn, that uses dramatic video clips from the past 50 years to reveal how the U.S. press passes along presidential spin on war.

The film, "War Made Easy," is a powerful tool that we can use to organize locally for an end to the Iraq war and against an attack on Iran. Attend or host a screening and get to know your neighbors while inoculating yourselves against the tricks used to sell war. These tricks have been noted by many of us, but the film helpfully names them and exposes their long history.

For example, the film demonstrates the following types of deception:

** The rhetoric of democracy is repeated over and over to convince Americans that bombing other people is actually an act of kindness.

** As war approaches, we are told it is inevitable. Neither outside events - such as Iraq allowing weapons inspections - nor domestic opposition will stop it. So why work against it?

** The media defers to war planners. In the film, a top CNN official brags that he asked the Pentagon to approve a list of possible military commentators.

** If you are pro-war, you are objective. If you are anti-war, you are biased.
Phil Donahue and Peter Arnett were fired for not supporting the war, even though Donahue hosted MSNBC's highest-ranked show. The channel's executives wrote privately that they did not a want an "anti-war face."

We are happy to provide this film as well as a speaker, if desired, free of charge. Just let us know you are interested, and let's make it happen.